The Lunch Box Blues

What is in your lunch box?

By LivinQ8
So what’s in your lunch boxes???  Now into the second week of school   are the kids already are bored with their sandwiches?    What to do about school lunch is always a tricky subject in our house.  The same old, same old turkey sandwich just doesn’t work by the third day.  At least, not with my bunch.
So here are a few tricks I’ve learned to jazz up the lunch box.  Club sandwiches are always a hit.  By taking three slices of bread, the middle one with mayo or mustard on both sides, having the bread, wheat preferably, lightly toasted, I add turkey, or chicken slices, a bit of turkey bacon, lettuce, cheese and tomato.  This makes for a very filling lunch, and makes it a bit more exciting than the usual sandwich.
For another variation, by kids love Mexican food.  So instead of a Cheese Toast or plain Cheese sandwich, I do Quesadillas.  You can find tortillas in any of the grocery stores here, my kids prefer the flour ones, less healthy, but there are multigrain which are a bit better.  I don’t worry too much about this, just as long as they’re actually eating their lunches, I’m happy.  So, just simply heat a pan with a bit of non-stick spray, on medium heat, warm the tortillas with sliced American cheese on top, and an additional tortilla top of that..  Lightly brown each side, the slice in four parts, wrap in aluminum and you have another easy, fun and different lunch.
Last is the meatball sandwich.  This is one of the kids favorites.  I use the long hot dog rolls, and make lots of small meatballs.  Just need to warm them slightly with a bit of sauce. This is a very simple lunch item.
If you have a winning lunch box recipe, please send it, just email us at   We would love to post it.







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