A Diamond In The Ruff

A Story Of A Dog Rescued And Some Lessons Learned Along The Way

By Chanterelle De Blois
When I first saw him, he was covered in mud, just a ball of dirty fur wandering along the street, late at night.  His hair was so long it covered his eyes to the point he could hardly see where he was going. His chain, so tight it could have seriously injured his neck. He came right up to me and I just couldn’t leave him, so I picked him up and brought him home.   I didn’t bring him into my house, as I have two dogs already, and picking up a stray you never know what diseases he might have.  Even with my dogs fully vaccinated, I would never take that chance.  So that night, he slept in my garden. Safer than on the streets. 
My intention was to bring him directly the next morning to K’sPath.  They have a surrender program where you can bring in strays and they will take care of vaccinating, medical treatments and re-homing them.  The cost is 30KD and well worth it for saving the life of a pet.   
The only thing was, in the morning we saw that he was not skittish…he came right up to us, and was friendly.  He also seemed like he had a bit of weight on him and was energetic, so I didn’t think he had been on the streets for a long time.  I decided instead to take him to the International Vet Hospital (IVH) to have him checked out.  I would then decide, depending on his condition, what to do.
The first thing was to see if he was micro chipped.  In Kuwait, all dogs that are vaccinated must be micro chipped.  And of course, all domestic pets must be vaccinated.  So naturally we figured had he somehow gotten loose from a loving family, that we could contact them through the microchip information.    But it turned out, he didn’t have a microchip.  The vet also told us that he was in general good condition, and had no diseases, so we proceeded to microchip and vaccinate him, with the intention of fostering him and finding a home.
The groomer then bathed and shaved off all the matted fur, and as he was cleaned, the groomer uncovered an adorable dog underneath all that matted fur and mud.  In fact what we discovered was a grey Pomeranian, a puppy just under a year old.
Once we got him home, we found that this puppy 
was trained and housebroken, but obviously never properly cared for as his fur matting would have happened over many months time.  The chain embedded around his neck was also further indication of neglect.
As we have gotten to know him, we are falling in love, and have decided to add him to our family.  A happy ending for all involved.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened, and probably wont be the last.  The situation for stray pets, especially cats, is dire.  And, no one can afford the expense of saving them all.  
But if you find yourself in this situation, here are some contacts that can help:
International Veterinary Hospital: 
Open 7 Days, walk in or call ahead appointments 
They will also board the pet if you are unsure of what to do.   Phone is 23261697
Royal Animal Hospital:
Open 7 Days, need advance appointments.  
Will take emergencies only without an appointment.  Phone is 24750966
KsPath:  7 Days, drop off stray program.
For strays that need medical attention/vaccinations  the cost is 30KD to drop off.  They find a home and you surrender the pet.
Phone is 67001622
Donation of your choosing if you want to drop off and surrender a pet that has already been vaccinated.
They will also pick up an animal that is hard to catch, or potentially dangerous for 50KD.
KARE Q8:  They will help with adoption, if you are fostering the pet.  Their adoption open house is on Fridays, from 1-5PM at Pet Zone in Al Rai.
Also, you can post pets that need adoption on LivinQ8.com
Lastly, I urge you NOT to encourage the vendors of pets at the Friday Market, and not to breed pets  here in Kuwait.  There are LOTS and LOTS of animals that need a loving home.   Please try the shelters if you are looking for a pet for your family.   







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