Guess Where You Can Find 5000 Trees & 3 Lakes in Kuwait

By Millie



Located off the 6th Ring road is a place which defies the harsh desert climate of Kuwait. Where you can rest your eyes on lush green grass and listen to the birds during the day, and the crickets at night. Where you can sit and enjoy a wonderful A La Carte meal, or delicious, authentic Japanese cuisine. If it’s a morning coffee your after to wile away the time then this maybe the place for you.


The Sahara Golf Club, situated in Subhan, between the Hunting & Equestrian club and Murouj, welcomes visitors as well its members. They boast a golf course that is home to almost 5000 trees, and has the Equestrian Race Track running through the course, as well as 3 man made lakes. Imagine 750,000m³ of sand to create this incredulous feat! The terrace overlooks the 18th hole, the race track and a lake……so it really does make the perfect place to go and escape from the city.


And if you’re looking for a weekend away, but don’t fancy the beach, then you can rent one of the luxurious villas they have on offer, some even have their own private pool!!


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