Experience the Rush of Camel Racing!

By Millie & Lt. Col. Ed Mack

Camel Racing in Kuwait

The most complete example of Kuwaiti sporting hospitality is evident at the Kuwait Camel Racing Club out in Jarah (click [Here] for the location).  Racing occurs every Saturday afternoon between November and April, and the welcome made to visitors by Mr Ayed Al Ajmi who heads up PR at the track is legendary.  It's always wise to email Ayed (ayedalajmi@hotmail.com) in advance to understand what's scheduled, and if you're lucky you may be invited to join him in the off-road rally which occurs alongside the camel racing itself. 

The camels no longer race with a human rider, instead they have a remote controlled jockey, weighing no more than a lap top, that is directed from a speeding 4WD on a dirt track parallel to the camels' race circuit. The trainer is able to shout instructions through a speaker on the robot, and crack the whip when necessary, via. remote control.  This has to be experienced to be believed and typically involves twenty or more SUVs and cars jockeying for position at speed; in a word, it's a blast, but try it in someone else's car!

To watch how the camel races pan out, please click [Here] its simply amazing!

And if you’re a little worried about going alone, AWARE are organizing their Annual Camel Race excursion (which includes lunch) on the 9th December 2017, registration deadline is the 29th November, just visit their website http://www.aware.com.kw for more details.








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