Universal Year 2020

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Universal Year 2020


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020 which is a universal year 4! Whilst the universe is in a universal year 4 which means the energy of the universe is around the ‘4’ vibration as individuals we my all be going through a different personal year. I for example am in a Personal Year 8. But lets talk about the vibration of the universe this year.


The ‘4’ is all about rolling up your sleeves and concentrating on the work you have to do for the year ahead. Business, career and life work are very important. This is a time to build and prepare a solid foundation for the years to come and for the plans you are making. Job security is important, you need to put your best foot forward, avoid complaining and be grateful for the opportunities that will present themselves. There is no time to delay things or to be lazy in taking a back seat approach.


The number four offers many opportunities to enhance the working sector of our life. It may bring the chance to do the one thing you have been wishing for to do in your life. In these times the role of the breadwinner is more commonly female (as the four holds a female energy, in particular 22/4 is a motherly energy that creates a safe and secure environment for themselves and loved ones) than in earlier times, so there is a feminine side.


When a baby arrives in a universal year 4 like 2020 the parents may feel burdened or worry about struggling to raise the child, this may possibly have a profound impact the subconscious attitude on the child. The mother in this case may feel guilty as there is more pressure on the father to provide for the family unit. The child may grow to feel guilty that there were struggles and missed opportunities due to focusing on providing for the family as a priority.


The passage of this year can awaken an inspiration from within which stimulates the search to discover and fulfill the work of the soul. The personality shares a joyful, yet anxious, anticipation of breakthrough. Individuals experience a definite pressure from need to discover through recognizing, releasing and forgiving. The destiny of the soul becomes more clear and the work that needs to be accomplished is spelled out with increasing lucidity.


In most cases the inspired recipient of insight will take on a higher wisdom and learn how to set boundaries, get on with what needs to be done in order to build your wealth. If there is an opportunity to invest wisely by all means do so but it isn’t a time to be taking ‘uncalculated’ risks. It may seem like all work and no play but as long as you do work hard as four is the number of hard work rewards will follow.


Wishing you all a fabulous year!

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Sending you all love and light for the working year ahead!

Ruby 23/5








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