Essence 5

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Number Five Essence


The 5 Essence is a very progressive period where the unexpected is likely to happen with changes often not expected but will be of benefit in the long run. It is a time to move forward. Accept the opportunity to gain more freedom, prepare for new experiences. New things will come your way usually suddenly and it will be a very active period with new contacts, worldly activities and public activity and travel. Stay up to date with all your affairs and research what opportunities will come your way. All  of these sudden changes clear the way for improvement even when it may seem overwhelming and confusing. Every thing that you will go through will be a stepping stone leading you to where you need to be. It is a very exciting period even in your social life.


Whilst there may be many opportunities presenting themselves try to stay focused and don’t scatter your energy as this will lead to confusion and a lack of direction and your patience may be testes here. Old conditions may be broken down don’t engage in quarrels over these situations as they will not serve you, think things through as new conditions will help you move forward as that is what the 5 Essence does it offers a fine opportunity to move forward. It is also taking down the boundaries and limitations but you will need to pay attention to rules and regulations don’t try cutting corners.


The (14)5 Essence gives excellent opportunities to carry out the requirements of the letters it is coming from on the chart. Trouble with others in business and employment may arise, to be overcome by agreement, based on rules and regulation and governmental procedure. It would be wise to avoid personal demands based on impulse, or hasty action and speech.


(23)5 Essence may bring in a journey, also others or quite a few people may also need to be considered in this period. Different or odd lines of work may be taken up.


Regardless is won’t be a quiet time or a dull period but adventure and excitement. You may feel exhausted with all that is going on and expect some travel as well but remember you need to move forward with all that is going on.


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