Essence 4

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Number Four Essence


The number 4 is a practical number where there is work to be done. It is a time to put things in order on all planes of living. All matters here are important such as health, economic conditions, property matters, in-laws also call for attention. An effort to place affairs on a better and more orderly level of living is called for. You will need to be a good manager with your dealings with a “matter of fact” approach towards these matters. You cannot escape the work that needs to be done. This work is necessary in order to place a better foundation for growth and attainment. It is also a time to build a home or business but don’t leave it to chance attention to detail is most necessary and your best effort is required with good judgement. Old conditions may be broken down to bring about the practical improvement. You may feel that things are holding you down and moving slowly but your efforts will end with the accomplishments you want when you are responsible.


Family members may be demanding and health matters need to be considered as well. A new order of things and way of living is the result of the 4 essence if the work is done so you need to just get on with it.


The (22)4 essence in particular is a spiritual force seeking to add religious and spiritual thought to the thinking and interests. There will also be two people or two activities to be considered under the (22)4 essence. Avoid quarrels and disagreements as they will end in sorrow and loss you will need to find a way to work these things out. Self-realisation must be gained even in the midst of confusion don’t run away as there will be delays. You will need to stick to your plans  and carefully work through them, stay focused. This particular essence also will direct you to a better understanding of yourself and others. It is a signboard calling for a more harmonious living-a transition from one level of living to another, economically and all bills need to paid up.

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