Essence 3

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Number Three Essence


The Three Essence represents a creative period which will lead to personal opportunity and advancement. It is a time for self improvement and to advance along the lines of your talents. The three is all about positive expression as it’s a joyful and happy vibration. With the help of friends and loved ones and their encouragement will be needed with these personal pursuits. Whatever the interest you will need to remain optimistic and use your imagination. Whilst the three also has a scattered energy you will need to be focused and avoid been selfish and critical.


The three is an emotional number, it brings in love affairs and emotional experiences which can be lovely and bring a lot of joy into your life. The desire for too much pleasure, fun and been a social butterfly whilst it’s fun your energy will get scattered if this is your only focus and can lead to losses in friendships, position and money which will lead to gossip and regret. Knowing where to spread your energy is important and when your ideas are expressed in the right way this will lead you to your success especially in your career.


It is a time for new friends and to reconnect with old friends too. The three does attract a lot of friendships just be more selective and not too much of an open book.


The (21)3 essence brings emotional tests and the possibility of emotional confusion through too much worry and over thinking about what others are thinking and doing. Generosity may cause a sacrifice and a hurt through trusting the wrong people. Be generous but business like in all undertakings when there is a 3 Essence.


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