Essence 2

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Number Two Essence


All 2 essence are about growth within partnerships, associations and the affairs of others bring opportunity. Accept the help of others as you will need them, it isn’t a time to be struggling on your own but this help must bring you peace. You will need to cooperate with others as well as the two works well with others and all involved will be successful. Try not to waste time as things will get delayed and you won’t achieve what is important in this period as the two likes to avoid conflict. Whilst it isn’t time to be in a rush but you still need to get things moving carefully.


When the essence is coming from (11)2 this indicates a learning period of the affairs, causing a crisis-a sudden break in association usually a significant one that can place you in shock emotionally. You need to go through this in order to see the desire of others in partnerships and domestic affairs. It is very common if you are in a committed relationship that it may suddenly come to an end. It may disrupt old ties and some disturbance which can cause delays and misunderstandings, feelings of loss and separation. If you are single you can suddenly find yourself in a serious relationship unexpectedly. Through spiritual thought there is an opportunity to gain inner peace. Then all changes and hurts will take on a new order and bring an awakening of worthwhile importance.


Keep in mind that two thrives with others in a peaceful environment, don’t avoid situations deal with them as diplomatically as you can. If you keep avoiding things they will keep coming back at you until you overcome the fear of what is challenging you during this period. 


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