Essence 1

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert



The essence represents conditions and circumstances demanding attention and shaping the personal efforts in your chart. We always look for the final digit of the Essence that directs the efforts which is strengthened by the numbers forming the digit.  


Number One Essence

All number one essence will represent moving forward towards improvement. Life will tend to change in this period. The one essence requires initiative, leadership, executive action and a decision about the past and present needs to be made regarding the future. It also will introduce new interests, new contracts, new ideas and new occupations all leading in a new direction. It is a beginning even with old endeavors.


The (19)1 essence will test our character and our experiences will help to make an important decision discriminating between right and wrong. The 9 of the 19 will demand high standards and been selfless. You may experience strange things due to resentment and resistance. Independence is desired here and very important so there may be a struggle for this independence so it will be necessary to break away from old conditions. You will need to be more understanding and be careful to not get caught up with emotions. Big lessons will be learnt if this is a re-occuring essence so it’s important to make the right decision. It is a time for new beginnings and to let go gracefully of the old conditions to make way for advancements in your life.


Keep in mind that the 1 is a strong number that needs determination, it’s not a time to be hiding or lazy, there is some work to be done where you can lead others as well as yourself.


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