A Recap on Numbers 1 to 9

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Recap on Numbers 1 to 9


This week I would like to do a recap on the numbers one to nine. We'll start off with number one:


The best way to describe the one is as an inspirational leader; very direct;  independent; has a masculine energy; needs to confront it’s fears; doesn't need a plan it takes action and is a very powerful decision maker these are the positive things about the one. The challenging side of the one it can be riddled with fear it can have anxiety, panic and repressed anger it does need an outlet it does also indicate an addictive personality especially when they feel insecure.


The number 2 is a feminine energy it's the nurture it wants to take care of everyone the number 2 is here to learn about emotions and they need to master their own emotions, they have ancient wisdom the number 2 is a very peaceful person it needs peace in their life they tend to be gentle people they can become sick through confrontation the number to also has an undying love for their family and they tend to have strong friendships as they bond to their friends . The challenges for the number 2, they are easily affected by the full moon they get stressed a lot, they can be overly sensitive they can be emotionally reactive. 


The number 3 is a very joyful energy, it is optimistic, positive and happy as it is the happiest vibration. It can uplift others it has a bubbly personality it is a positive energy to be around and expresses positively as it has a child like personality and it just cannot contain things it wants to share this positive outlook on life with everyone they like to express their emotions they tend to be very creative people very imaginative people. The challenges for the number 3 is the exact opposite of being positive and optimistic and happy. So the number 3 can be a manic depressive person they can be scattered and moody they can be good one day and down the next they can be up and down they can have negative expression .


The number four has come here to work hard to secure themselves with material security they need a home they need financial security they need enough money in the bank. It's possible that in a previous life they didn't have financial security so it's very important that they have it in this life the number 4 is a very structured person they plan things they execute things step by step and this is a good thing for them as it will lead to success. The challenges for the 4 is that they can be extremely stubborn and have very little imagination and don’t like change and can become argumentative.


The 5 is a great communicator, a progressive person open to change and new experiences. They love adventure, learning new things and are very resourceful as they are great networkers. They like to look into things and love to help others as they are very energetic. The Challenge for the 5 is they can over exhaust themselves as they take on too much. Can snap at times when they feel like they are losing control and can be impatient.


The 6 is selfless, needs truth and justice, peace and harmony and is artistic. They love their family and love their home. They love helping others especially their loved ones. They see the beauty in everything. The challenge for the 6 is they can over sacrifice themselves for their loved ones leaving them feeling used and abused. They feel guilty for no reason and will stay in a relationship out of guilt can be outspoken by complaining about all they have done and received very little in return.


The 7 is analytical and technical,  they are also a perfectionist. They are quick thinkers and very charming and highly intelligent. They love their solitude as this allows them to clear their mind and connect as they are deep thinkers. The challenges for the 7 is they can be secretive, have hidden motives, too much pride, sarcastic and narcissistic attributes.


The 8 is a very powerful and karmic number, it takes control and is a great business leader that will empower others. Gives great direction and is a good judge of character and has the ability to bring out the best in others. The challenge for the 8 is they can let power get to their head and become bullies by miss using their power. They can lose focus and become too ambitious and too controlling.


The 9 loves perfection, is compassionate, charitable, forgives, here to help mankind. They are peaceful people that use their imagination, are understanding of others, take on responsibility with grace and great judge of characters. They are challenged when they do not let go and hold grudges. They can get moody and make wrong decisions through anger and can expect everyone to be as perfect or have the standards they have if they don’t meet those standards they just cut them off.


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