Birth Force 9

By By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

The BF 9 is known to be the philanthropist as they have a very deep feeling for mankind sensing the heights and depths of life and the glory of existence. They feel things deeply and in a dramatic way as they are very compassionate, generous and sympathetic. They may come across as having a sensitive nature as well and a very vivid imagination. When they express their natural compassion, they are capable of doing interesting and lasting work in the world. They tend to leave an impression on others, and they look for perfection in others as they do in themselves this can often lead to disappointment. They need to be patient for the perfection that they are looking for as it won’t happen immediately. The need to let go of what is no longer helping their purpose and the sooner they do this the sooner they will be able to move onto what they can actually achieve.


They love deeply and passionately and the love they give to those they truly care about is unconditional and they are tolerant of them too. They can be very moody though and at times show weakness of character because they cannot reach their ideal scenario again, they need to learn to be patient and things will fall in place. They have come her to learn to let go and to forgive the sooner they learn this the better their life will be. They need to forgive mainly so that they can move on as holding onto grudges will stop them from progressing and they do have a progressive energy. 


They also attract a variety of things and people into their lives including international opportunities. The BF 9 goes through many challenges and tests this is because they need to be wise as the 9 holds the energy of wisdom and this wisdom is gain through challenges. We need to remember that we have chosen the number that we are (meaning our soul did) and that is because our soul feels the need to learn certain lessons. Lessons that weren’t learnt in a past life will be learnt in this life so it’s important to feel that you have overcome a particular challenge or lesson so that you can move forward. The 9 is about completion making it very challenging to complete everything and there may be a little bit of drama with it all even though they avoid the drama, but it may just follow them. The BF 9 needs to do all things with compassion and love.


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