Birth Force 8

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

BF 8 is the executive type that has exceptional organizational skills that give direction that will lead to success. They need to be in control and have authority or they will not thrive, they are usually like this in most aspects of their life. They are also very energetic, efficient and tend to be good judge of characters and identify what others would be good at, hence why they are usually successful in business as they know who is going to get the job done right the first time round, as they hate wasting time. They are very self-disciplined people and have a lot of self-control. They enjoy leading others be it in business, social events, family or even sporting activities. They don’t like having lazy people on their team as they hate that everyone else on the team has to carry them through. They are successful through working for a goal or purpose by been organized, well planned, driven and delegating the right task to the right person. They tend to inspire other people to be better and to put in the effort to achieve a common goal.


When problems arise, they are also able to overcome them by finding a quick solution. They also attract money and most of their goals involve financial gain. They need to be careful not to be too focused on this as there needs to be a balance. They can become so task focused that they may appear to be a bit of a ‘bully’ trying to get everything done in the time frame they have set for themselves. They just need to make sure their judgement is good and to take the time to do things well as their natural executive able will lead them to the top. This judgement is the keynote to their position and authority and will place them at the head of any enterprise.


The BF 8 needs to feel empowered they are great at been a CEO or in charge of any business especially their own. They are also very good at empowering others and helping others achieve their goals. They tend to do well in many industries and are good at investing wisely. They attract wealth and are very good at securing their wealth they just need to be careful to not become obsessed with money. There needs to be a balance and with the right approach there will also be harmony.


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