Number Four Birth Force

By By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

TYPE: you are practical, you need to be in control and know exactly what is going on and why and you don’t like taking risks. You are serious and quite fixed in your ways, but you are naturally honest and sincere. With a very strong sense of what is right and even though you are strong in your likes and dislikes you do have natural friendliness combined with a sense of dignity and self-importance. You need to feel sure, safe, secure and have a good sense of practical values which, if you cultivate it as this will help you in the business world. You need to have a plan and are patient about the details when you can take time to work them out accurately and carefully. There is also your ability to manage, have a system in place and to establish order and routine. You like to have things done well and can be exacting about the details of personal items, at times neglecting the bigger things for the smaller details. 

Whilst you are approachable in personality and are willing and able to help others in business, in saying that you are extremely selective in our personal friendships and associations. You are naturally careful with your possessions, competent and a good manager and have the ability to inspire confidence as you are not easily carried away by fancies or fads and extravagant undertakings. Working hard comes naturally to you as you know this will lead to you been able to have the many things that you desire as you are a good spender, but you value everything that you have. Once you have set your mind to something it is easily achieved as you have the courage, determination and are structured enough to get there. Challenges to you are welcomed as you are methodical in getting through them whilst easy tasks don’t interest you much. Every now and again you can be too precise, even a little bossy and you much prefer to give orders rather than take them. When you don’t get your own way, you may come across as been difficult and argumentative. But do value your abilities of management as you are very productive which is what is needed in every business. 

VOCATION: Success comes naturally to the four as they are good at building, contracting, organizing and bringing plans into concrete form; you are also successful through buying and selling and great setting boundaries and setting down the rules and foundations for any given task. You are not interested in “get rich quick” schemes as you need facts not luck.


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