Number Two Birth Force

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

TYPE: you are diplomatic, naturally sensitive, cooperative and considerate of others. There is a gentle side to your character, and this is what makes you more persuasive rather than forceful. You have this ability to mix very well with others allowing you to influence others and win them over with your way of thinking especially when you realize the power there is in your quiet way. Your success depends on how you help others achieve and get what they want, rather than putting yourself and your needs first. This is very much due to your intuition and spirituality as it tends to be on point. It is your peacemaking qualities rather than been dominant that helps you win in certain situations where others have felt they are the ones winning. Your ability to analyze to be accurate and detailed are fine business assets where you also associate with others bringing people together for a common cause is also a big plus to your nature. 

You need to be careful not to become overly sensitive as this will take into your negative side leading you to fearfulness. You fear been wrong as you are always conscious in doing what is right. Because you research things you tend to get it right but also fear making a mistake as the research you do it factual and carefully sought. You need to overcome the idea that you will not do as well as you like to. Doing the best, you can at all times will lead you to perfecting your talents and this will only lead to success. Even though you are always seen as courteous and kind your speech may appear to be blunt and even demanding as you are deep down quite strong with your likes and dislikes. If you cultivate the people who stand for the best in life, share what you have with others and then make use of your talent for doing things well, you will get to the top of that ladder and stay there. 


VOCATION: your opportunities will come through fine machinery and delicate instruments. Success may come through dancing, music, painting, literature, violin, harp and other finer musical instruments. The ministry, religious activities, medicine, politics and all lines of administration are open to you; even banking as the treasurer, paymaster or accountant or even activities dealing with finance and money amongst. You are seen as a sensible and reliable to any organization.


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