Number One Birth Force

By By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

TYPE: you are the leader, strongly individualized and demand the right to think and act according to your own ideas and convictions. You have a keen perception good concentration, the ability to get ahead, to direct and lead others and if you desire to establish your own business. You have executive ability, will power, courage and are quite capable of overcoming any barrier to your success when you make use of your creative ideas. If you aren’t selective in friendships, then you should try to be, and you have quite a sense of humor. You love the nice things in life and are sensitive to your environment and to what others think of you. Life should never be dull for you if you make the most of your talents, executive ability and original ideas, as you have strong powers of attraction which will lead you into testing work and experiences. Broad vision, magnetic force and inspiration enable you to carry out your plans in a big way and for financial reward.

The negative side of your character is shown in the following ways and you need to keep this under control, your will and determination is strong and you will need it to avoid intensifying these qualities or allowing them to become “set” or “fixed” habits: dominance; egotism; bossiness; impatience with the opinions of others; over-confidence in yourself or “knowing it all”; refusal to take advice or to be told; selfishness through too much interest in your plans and at times, vacillation and indecision all are to be avoided. 


VOCTION: you have unlimited opportunity through active mental interests and undertakings. You can be very successful through developing new projects, for these bring out your initiative, originality and executive ability. New places, situations, original and unique ideas are better than old and bring out your latent powers of invention, promotion, origination, designing, illustration, writing and speaking. Many areas are open to you such as governmental activities, engineering, mining, bookstores, art and antique shops, medical and surgery are also open to you. You should work as the head of departments or as a director and leader of a creative industry and in lines of business having to do with maintenance of social position; even the field of amusement and entertainment would be successful as you have a sense of humor and enjoy wit and comedy. 


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