2019 Universal Year 3

By By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you are all well and I have had a little break but I am back! I would like to start off with the importance of the “Universal Year” and what the importance of each universal year. So lets start with this year, 2019 when we add all the numbers together like so 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3 making 2019 a universal year 3. 


Three is the happiest vibration, it needs joy, and it is a very positive, optimistic and energetic number. The ‘3’ has a creative energy, it also has a child like energy and it has the best imagination! So for those of you that are born in a universal year of 3 for example 2010 was a universal year 3 so too was 2001, 1992, 1983, 1974, 1965 were also a universal year of 3. 


What does it mean for you if you are born in a universal year 3? In numerology our soul not only choose the life path number we are in this life it also choose which year you wanted to come into this world, the month and the day too. So if your soul choose this it is very important to understand why. 


The first you need to know is that you will be attracted to someone that vibrates the “3” energy. Whether you are a woman or a man you will be attracted to a partner that is going to be positive and happy and that brings joy into life and that allows you to be creative. You will also like to see the creative side of your partner. 


The person that teaches you this best will be your father. For those of you that are born in a universal year 3 not only does the universe want you and will make sure that you will learn the lessons of the three but another very important person in your life, that been your father will influence your outlook on what the “3” represents. 


I like to give myself as an example as some people may find this point a little hard and when I was studying to become a numerologist and I was learning all about the universal years I questioned this point as I am born in a universal year “1” in particular “19/1” which is all about been strong, independent, taking action, international travel and standing on my own two feet and accepting things that will end to make way for a new beginning. Sadly I never got to know my father and he passed away before I had a change to know him. I asked my numerology teacher at the time “How did I learn this from him?” and her response was “Unfortunately you may not have learnt these lessons if he was around, him not been there taught you to rely on yourself” I thought about it as I did have a step father but I can’t say I looked up to him at all and I definitely didn’t rely on him nor did I feel I learnt anything significant from him. So I found this point really interesting and it wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I met my half siblings and my step mother and they all tell me I am so much like my father, I have his mannerisms and I look very much like him. 


Lets go back to the universal year “3” it is very important that you learn positive expression from your father. Your father should also allow you and encourage you to be creative and to use your imagination. The way you view your father will affect how you achieve the vibration of this number. 


Lets not confuse the Universal Year with Personal Year. For instance whilst it is a universal year 3 I am in a personally year “7” but there is still the energy of 3 for all of us this year. I sent you all positive vibes this year and if you missed it the last few nights the moon looks amazing and here in Australia it was a bright red colour.


Much love to you all 

Ruby 23/5


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