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For Glowing Summer Skin!

By LivinQ8.com

There is probably a very good reason there is a long tradition of Hammam in this region.  The effect an arid climate has on our skin is brutal, and the need to exfoliate regularly increases as we are exposed to this severe dryness.


Few people realize that the top layer of your skin is entirely made up of dead skin cells.  Exfoliating removes the dead surface skin cells and helps to rejuvenate the skin. 


Our body will naturally shed millions of dead skin cells a day allowing new ones to travel to the surface as the old flake off, but the process is slow (as we age it gets even slower) and the “buildup” we accrue from the dead skin cells remaining on the surface creates a substance called keratin – the body’s natural process of protection.

Without regular exfoliation you’ll accumulate an abundance of dead surface skin cells which create clogged pores, discoloration and aging – the most common complaint is dull, lifeless looking skin. 


A professional treatment is recommended a minimum of four times a year to keep your skin looking vibrant. An added benefit is that regular exfoliation stimulates skin cells and increases natural oil production and blood flow giving you a more youthful appearance over all.


For an excellent exfoliation, try the new Kyu Care Salon in Salmiya.  They give a thorough cream rub, with eucalyptis steam shower to open pores, then an all over exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.  Next is a shower to cleanse the skin, followed by a light massage with moisturizing cream to renew the skin.


Before you tan, try this treatment, and go into the summer outdoor tanning season with renewed cleansed skin.

Kyu Care is located in Salmiya, Hamad al mubarak st, bldg 18, floor  


Call ahead for appointments at 2572 0774 OR 755








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