Stress, Food & Bacteria

By Mehdi Ben Nasr: Personal Trainer and Nutritionist



How many times have you felt stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and found your relief by binging on food? Never, or an ongoing cycle and story of your life lately!? Here is why:


Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. Nutrition has a great impact on stress level and this because of the digestive system (our second brain). 70% of the most important neurotransmitters are produced in the gut, like serotonin for example, which is responsible for the happiness feeling. You get the lead now?


A single stressful event can wreck your gut health and affect your sleep for weeks. In our gut we have good (friendly bacteria) and bad bacteria (not so friendly) and they control everything about your health and wellbeing, so the food that you eat will feed the bacteria, and here is where the difference happens: the quality of food matters. The worse the food choices are the more the bad bacteria starts to grow and overwhelm the good bacteria, so you get junk food craving, tiredness and less energy, fat gets stored and metabolism slows down, more cortisol is produced and it’s adding even more stress. So, what brings you happiness and comfort once, will end up taking you in a vicious cycle that is very hard to pull yourself out.


To aid this process probiotics and prebiotics are important for our gut support towards good mental and physical health.

PROBIOTICS:are live bacteria that you get from supplements and certain foods like kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut.

PREBIOTICS:are foods that feed the good bacteria, like: dietary fiber, vegetables, fruits.


Bottom line conclusion!!! Eat healthy even when you feel down. Reward yourself with a bad treat, won’t help anything get better, but have you dealing with the side effect of it.

Adopt a healthy diet to reduce your stress, improve your health and overall wellbeing, protect yourself from mental illness (depression, anxiety).

Be physical active and exercise, stay hydrated and focus on your sleeping and rest.


For more information and complete body assessment you can find me at

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Mehdi Ben Nasr - Personal Trainer and Nutritionist








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