Spectacle Lens Care

By International Optique

Spectacle Lens Care


It sounds simple enough, but everyday we unconsciously make the same mistakes when cleaning our spectacles. Here are some "cleaning" tips for your lenses and frames:


  • Always make sure your hands are clean when cleaning your lenses. Greasy hands will transfer dirt and grime onto your lenses.
  • Rinse your spectacles under a stream of fresh water. Avoid hot water-this will damage the lens coatings.
  • Apply a drop of dishwashing liquid, e.g. Fairy or Sunlight liquid does an adequate job. Dishwashing liquids, containing "cleaning pearls" should be avoided as this is abrasive to the lenses. Ensure that the dishwashing liquid is not "lotion" based as this will make the lenses oily.
  • Rub each side of the lenses carefully. Remember the nose pads, ear tips and the lens holders as well. Dust and debris settle in between the lenses. This ages the frame and ruins the look of the frame.
  • Rinse the frame and lenses thoroughly to avoid leftover debris.
  • Dry off the lenses with your spectacle cleaning cloth, as provided by your optometrist.


However, there are a few points on what NOT to do when cleaning your spectacles:


  • Cleaning your lenses with items of clothing, tissues or any other fabric you may have available is a BIG NO! When the lenses are dry, this enhances the vulnerability of your lenses to scratches.
  • Do not use household cleaners or window cleaners to clean your lenses. These products contain chemicals that could react to the coatings on your lenses. Only use spectacle cleaners which are specifically made for spectacles.
  • Do not try to buff away scratches-this will increase the severity of the scratches.


Unfortunately, there is no "magic" that can eliminate scratches. All lens materials are prone to scratches. Exposure to different environmental factors will also make your lenses susceptible to scratches and cracks. Most lenses have a hard coating embedded onto the lens surface which will minimize the possibility of scratches-however, it will not make it scratch proof!


The trick is to take care of your lenses as outlined above. Also, make use of your spectacle case whenever your spectacles are not being used. Remember that resting your spectacles on the lenses itself, will cause it to scratch. If you do find your lenses are scratched, visit your nearest optometrist for us to assess the extent of the scratches. Sometimes your spectacles just need to be professionally cleaned and adjusted.  Remember that your spectacles is the sum of your frame and lenses. Hence, it is wise to maintain the integrity of the frame by using both hands to remove them and not putting them on top of your head which stretches them out.


HOYA lens coatings have won many international awards for their resilience in lens designs. International Optique is a proud HOYA dealer and we would like to share our experience and expertise with you. Please visit any International Optique for your spectacle lens advise.



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