Dr. Juliet Dinkha

By Dr. Juliet Dinkha

Dr. Juliet Dinkha                                     


Living in Kuwait has a great number of advantages however, it can also have some disadvantages.  Being in a new country, new language, new environment and culture, can cause stress.  Do you feel like it’s hard to settle in? Do you feel misunderstood, alone or just not fully adapted?  Do you have difficulties creating social support?  Needing someone to comfort you, listen to you or understand and help you cope is easy and afortable.


Dr. Dinkha is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Professor of Psychology at the American University of Kuwait (AUK).  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Purdue University, a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology (ISPP) and a Doctorate degree also in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She has published various professional papers and made presentations at international conferences. Dr. Dinkha’s research focuses on cultural issues as it relates to identity, depression, violence prevention, discrimination, motivation and satisfaction with students, laborers and domestic workers.  She is a regular host on The Breakfast Show 99.7 FM with Talk Psychology


In concurrence with her teaching and research activities, Dr. Dinkha has a private practice whereby she provides psychoanalysis/psychotherapy and conduct assessments to a diverse client population.  Dr. Juliet Dinkha has had extensive clinical experiences working in the Middle East as well as the United States of America.  Her clinical expertise’s are focused on working with mental health issues as it relates to the Arab and Arab-American populations.  Her diverse background, experiences and her ability to speak numerous languages (i.e. Arabic, Spanish, Assyrian and English) have provided her the opportunity to help individuals and families understand their psychological and psychosocial problems in private practice.



Phone: +965 60683837.  

Instagram: @Dr.jdinkha








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