Win a Complimentary Premium Teeth Whitening Session for Mother’s Day!

By Dr. Mohamed Dental Clinic

Win a Complimentary Premium Teeth Whitening Session for Mother’s Day!


We’re giving you the chance to gift a premium teeth whitening session to a mum you know.  It’s simple.  Visit our Instagram profile to find out how to participate.  We look forward to making someone’s smile brighter!


In the meantime, we’re rounded up some frequently asked questions about teeth bleaching:


·        Why get my teeth bleached?

For a bright, confident and beautiful smile.  It’s a simple treatment that will have a huge impact on your appearance, and is budget-friendly compared to other cosmetic services.


·        How long does the process take?

First we clean your teeth thoroughly to maximize bleaching results, and then we start several sessions of bleaching.  The whole thing should take around an hour.


·        Is bleaching painful?

The process is not painful, but some people experience sensitivity during the procedure or after.  To make you more comfortable, we may shorten the duration of the bleaching sessions and do more sessions.


·        What’s the difference between office bleaching and home bleaching?

The procedure in the office is done using material with higher concentration, and is done by trained professionals, and so the results are instant.  The at-home procedure involves custom-made trays and administering the material in those trays by yourself using material with a lower concentration for a number of days (depending on the whitening system you use).


·        Do teeth whiteners damage existing dental restorations?

Studies have not shown any damage to restorations.  What you should keep in mind though is that bleaching only changes the colour of natural teeth, and not fillings or crowns/veneers.


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