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By Victoria McEwan
It is the middle of October and we have all been back from the summer break for over a month and its time to get back into a healthy fitness plan.
There are any number of obstacles that one can list, keeping us from our goal of trying to lose weight or stick to a consistent exercise programme.
How are we supposed to exercise when life gets in the way?
What you might not realise is that fitting in exercise is a matter of how you think and not what’s on your schedule. One of the most effective ways is to set yourself a fitness goal, which may be as simple as setting yourself a certain number of laps in a swimming pool or as ambitious as running a marathon; most important though is just to remember to start with baby steps. You need to accept that you have hit an obstacle and you have not exercised for a period of time; remember that what you might have been able to do 2 months ago, is not what you can do now.
The one positive is that it will be easier to get back into shape as your body has already reached a certain level of fitness and conditioning in the past, but we have a tendency to do too much at first, especially if we are used to a certain level.  So it is very important at the beginning to hold back and just do a little and then progress slowly back to your old level.
Also spice it up! It might be that you are no longer stimulated with what you were doing in the past and actually doing something new will rejuvenate your passion to start moving again. The greater the variety, the better the results, so try new things!
I could not finish without mentioning the importance of a healthy eating plan.  Remember, fitness isn’t just about exercise , its about your total health.  Concentrate on other ways to nourish your body, bringing healthy food back into your diet so that all the hard work you put into your training sessions does not go waste.







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