By By “ The Clown Of The Group “ - (Facebook Test Result) George Tarabay

Ahhhhhh Social Media, or like the french call it : La Media Sociale (I have no clue why I had to say it in french, yet somehow it adds a bit of depth to my multi-faceted plain personality)


What can I say about this subject, that hasn’t already been said, except maybe the thing I am about to say that no one has said yet, probably, maybe … not? (I know around 2000 people from 7.2 billion, that makes 0% people I know of the population, so most probably, someone else already said it)


I digress. It fascinates me when people use social media and build up this tweaked avatar of themselves online that has nothing to do with their real life persona, and nothing warms my tin heart, as seeing people evolve and progress their avatar to the point where it aligns with their real personality.


I guess, part of growth for most multi-cell creatures, is letting go of their pretentious facades and being more true to themselves as they rack up more rotations around the sun, and eventually, apply that growth to all their life’s aspects, including: their social media.


Yet, what baffles me, is people who create a fake image of themselves, then spend days perfecting a merging process, that brings their personality closer and closer to their online ghost!


I mean: why? why would you live up to a version of yourself that has nothing to do with your reality and try to achieve ultimate transformation into it, when you know it is nothing like you ? Don’t get me wrong, if your online blue creature (avatar) is a huge benefactor that is accepting of others and cherishes humans and respect above all, then please, by all means, live up to that, and if you are still on the ledge and unable to tip to that side, I will personally find you and push you towards it, because that’s just awesome for all humanity to experience.


But, when your projected collective emotional and intelligence quotient are those of a toddler in a candy store all hyped up on sugar, then why would you leave the lane of whatever you are to become that?


While I know most people are smart and truthful (such a sweet optimistic view on the world) yet, there is a minority amongst us, nay, a breed on the verge of extinction, that walks amongst us, amassing photosynthesis product unlawfully and wastefully !


You know those people: they login to Facebook, find someone of their kind that shared some moronic test they took on the book and proceed to answer 3 yes or no questions, and bam: “ you are a genius “ or “ you are a spiritual beacon “


Now while these tests are all games and fun, these uni-cell brainiacs believe those tests and start roaming the 510 million square KM the earth provides spreading their amazing new-found knowledge when in reality they cannot think of one difference between “ a chopstick and a pencil “


And while, most humans are smart and self asserted, these people create nothing but discomfort as they come out as needy and wrongfully placed in their category, especially when they try to explain that they are different.


Moreover, I do not claim to be any better, I am sure in certain settings, I am not the brightest, but in the areas I am, I do not base it off of 3 clicks on a website where a video of a cat goes viral.


Check your sources people and just live simply.

And I am most certain, someone will be offended by my article and will go in lengths trying to post their stupid opinion about it and how it’s annoying when people go lengths to write such a stupid opinion piece…

Oh… wait… NO NO NO ! My opinion is different !


“ The Clown of The Group “ - (Facebook test result) George Tarabay 








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