Gemstones and Their Energies

By Nafisa Idrees

Over the centuries, various cultures have contributed to the idea and stories surrounding the gemstones and the energies it emits. These rare and beautiful gifts of nature have inspired many philosophers and learned men to attribute unusual powers to these special gifts of nature. The energy emitted by each gem is important in the pursuit of health, wealth, spirituality and an overall wellness of each human being.


Gemstones are millions of years old, and were formed due to weather patterns, nature changes and movements in the earths crust. All these factors give birth to beautiful and different rock crystals in the core of the earth. Scientifically, crystals are structured in way where they respond to all the energies around them. They can imbibe frequencies and can even store information. 


Our forefathers, knew that when worn the energies of these stones would interact with human electromagnetic fields to bring about energetic changes. Crystals have been used to heal, restore, and enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.



Every Gemstone type has a different purpose, so it depends what you’re looking for. Some stones may be best used to heal the body or to tap intuition during meditation, some to enhance love-life and some to help heal from depression. Some are worn to attract health and some for power and leadership.

Naturally occurring gemstones are now used in jewellery for their healing properties that can help with common issues like headaches and insomnia, to also healing a broken heart, you just have to know which gemstones to choose.


We specialize in Gemstone Jewellery and I can suggest you gemstones according to your birth and health factors. Wear as jewellery, or customise it and use them in your keychains, or as charms, or in any other forms where they can be close to you, to benefit from the energies it emits.

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Written by,

Nafisa Idrees
Gemologist/Jewellery Designer
CEO |Founder
Creating Meaningful Jewellery
Insta/Fb : @nafisadesigns
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