Looking for a Delightful New Place for Breakfast?

By LivinQ8

Looking for a Delightful New Place for Breakfast?


This week, the wonderful Riviera Restaurant by Four Seasons at The Avenues, opened for breakfast, and we were amongst the first to try their exciting new menu.


Riviera is situated in The Gardens, Phase 4 of the Avenues, and if you don’t fancy walking the breadth of The Avenues, then the nearest parking is 23, just take the escalator directly to the first floor, and voila, you have arrived!


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Now I’m not one who enjoys malls, and the thought of eating inside one is something I avoid like the plague, BUT, this was different. Situated in a beautiful, bright, airy atrium, surrounded by natural vegetation, gorgeous flowers and natural light, it was difficult to believe I was even in a mall! The Riviera, furnished in calm neutral tones, with soft, comfortable sofas, completed the peaceful and calm ambiance….indeed, the perfect start to the day.







A pizza sitting on a wooden tableDescription automatically generatedThe menu had something for every palette, from traditional dishes like foul medames and falafel, if eggs is your thing, then choose from 9 different dishes that include egg shakshuka and black truffle scrambled eggs. There were sweet specialities and fresh bakery items too.

Making choices is not something I’m good at, especially when I liked practically everything on the menu, but the knowledgeable Riviera staff, are on hand to help (Abhalash took excellent care of me), make the decision making a little easier. I decided to start with Egg Shakshuka, one of Rivieras signature dishes. The eggs were baked perfectly (I love mine medium runny but firm), and the dish smelt divine! Fresh sweet peppers, juicy, plump tomatoes topped with creamy feta and a sprinkling of coriander made this dish a treat for the tastebuds, oh and toasted country bread was just the thing to mop up the delectable runny yolk and sauce!






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After such a complete dish, It was quite greedy of me to order one of the sweet delights, but I just had to try Rivieras' French Toast, another signature dish, and I was glad I did! Fluffy sweet French toast, drizzled with a delectable tangy yet sweet orange syrup, accompanied with fresh fruits, kumquats, raspberries, blackberries, and the largest blueberries I had ever seen, justified me into believing that it was healthy (well fruits are good for you after all), topped with fluffy “Arabic” candyfloss, this is a dish you MUST try…even if you do have to share (though that would be difficult).






Riviera certainly have embraced the ideal breakfast, and even though I don’t enjoy malls, I will be back to try other items on the menu, that I am sure will be just as delicious, and afterall, I can always do a bit of shopping to burn off the extra calories!


Riviera serve breakfast from 9am to noon daily, and no reservation is required, and the best part is….LivinQ8 readers receive a 15% discount off the complete check, just mention the code: Livin2019

For more information, please click [Here]








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