Cleo Restaurant, a Contemporary Tapas Bar & Restaurant

By According to Mimi

Cleo Restaurant, a Contemporary Tapas Bar & Restaurant, with locations in LA, Miami, Baha Mar, Vegas and now Kuwait.


The interiors....can you get any more gorgeous? Loved the instagram worthy interiors. Each of the dishes we tried was beautifully presented and the service was just lovely! But food isn't all about sitting pretty right? Let's start with what I loved.


The Sumac Fries were good! Crispy on the outside with a subtle hint of lemon. The Filet Mignon was hands down the best I've had. It was juicy, tender and cooked to perfection. I also really loved the bearnaise sauce which had been served on the side. The Rigatoni Bolognese had bold meaty flavours and if you love spicy drinks, I recommend the Clementina. It has serrano chili which lends the otherwise tame combination of lemon, orange and basil a nice kick.


The Grilled Octopus was a disappointment though. It had been recommended to us and we were expecting to be dazzled. However all we got was an extremely salty, but otherwise very bland and rubbery dish. One to be missed. Another were the roasted mushrooms. The mushrooms were served with hazelnuts and dates, which sounds exotic on paper, however the sweetness of the dates overpowered all the other flavours in the dish. Another to be missed sadly.


We ended on a high note with the Sticky Toffee Pudding which is a great fool proof option and satisfied my legendary sweet tooth. All in all, a mixed bag of dishes, but I know I'll be ordering that filet mignon again!


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