Maki Restaurant Introduces New Desserts

By Maki

Kone-afa, Pistachio Mochi, Nutella Mochi, and Vanilla-Raspberry Mochi are the new ‘stars’ on Maki Restaurant’s already exciting pastry menu. Maki has been the ‘hallmark’ of innovation when it comes to contemporary cuisine.

With inventive dishes such as Maki Maki, Fusion Temaki, Oliva O-toro Maki, and tartufo Yaki Udon, Maki has been transforming and inspiring both the Japanese and the contemporary cuisine domains. Bringing to the forefront both Mediterranean and global ingredients otherwise unknown to Japanese cuisine, Maki has perfectly incorporated components such as extra virgin olive oil, Moroccan truffles, balsamic vinegar, wild thyme, olives, plums, and many others into its wonderful menu. The result ‘crystallized’ in the form of many amazing guest favorites.

“When it comes to innovation, we are constantly tasting and testing new ingredients with our chefs, operations, and marketing teams, and desserts are no exception”, commented Chef Louis Kenji Huang, group executive chef. “We know what our guests like, and our mission is to always come up with dishes which will please their palates. That’s what we are here for”, commented Toufic Salloum, group operations manager.

On March 25th, 2019, Maki restaurant at Burj Jasim was the scene of a successful launch of Maki’s new dessert items. A host of VIP’s and media personalities enjoyed the delectable, new sweets. The Kone-afa was one of these delicious desserts. Shaped like a traditional ice-cream cone, this tasty treat is anything but traditional. Combining filo pastry, which is marinated in yuzu blossom syrup, along with a choice house-made vanilla bean, or green tea ice-cream, the finishing touch comes in the form of a luscious chocolate coating which is topped with crushed fresh pistachios.

The Nutella Mochi takes the traditional mochi dessert to a whole new ‘stratosphere’ by introducing a house-made Nutella filling, which is covered with a chocolate shell, that is laid on top of crunchy cocoa nibs and drizzled with a fresh, house-made raspberry sauce. The Pistachio mochi boasts a rich house-made ice-cream which is placed over a layer of fresh filo pastry that is marinated in yuzu blossom syrup.

Maki’s existing scrumptious desserts will surely face competition from this new line of pastries which come at a perfect time when summer is right around the bend. You can enjoy these new sweet treats and more by calling +965 22901010, or visiting Maki’s website at www.olivermaki.comto make your reservation.


LivinQ8 also had the pleasure to conduct a short impromptu interview with the groups CEO, Joe Hajjali, click [Here] to view


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