When Authentic Tradition Meets Culinary Modernity

By Maryann Horne


When Authentic Tradition Meets Culinary Modernity


Dar Hamad, along the Gulf Road is one of the most diverse and captivating experiences Kuwait has to offer both eyes and taste buds.

Prepare to be surprised. The restaurant is a place you won’t forget and that will surprise you, no matter how many times you visit because of its design, but also exquisitely prepared and presented food. It is a restaurant that oozes class and has the ambition of recreating an authentic Kuwaiti experience in the heart of Salmiya.



A Story of Hospitality and Love…


In Arabic, Dar means grand house and al-Hamad is the name of the family which resided in this house that was first built in the 1960s. Its members were known to welcome and cater to guests, family members and friends. The mother who lived in the house dreamt of opening a restaurant. Sadly, she died before her dream came a reality. But her grandchildren took the dream on and in her memory got together and decided to open Dar Hamad.


The stunning building on the Gulf Road is a feast first to the eyes and its cuisine a delight to the most discerning critics.


Dar Hamad was designed by Babnimnim Design Studio. Its designer, Jassim Al Saddah wanted to create something unique and offer guests what he describes as a modernised experience of Kuwaiti culture through food, proverbs, decoration and a walk through different historical periods. In short, it wants to recreate the nation’s identity by spoiling the eye as well as the taste buds.


The building exterior was inspired by the sandhog mubayyat, a wooden box usually presented to a new bridge and which contains her dowry. Hence the exterior of the building is surrounded by a ribbon structure, which partially veils the building.  There are other traditional elements such as the shibbak (shutter window and the bab-bu-khokha, beautiful wooden door with a traditional metallic knocker.



The interior is in contrast full of modern designs, rich in colour and futuristic designs. While the older generation of Kuwaitis will appreciate the traditional elements of decor, the younger no doubt will take to the very modern and chic aesthetic design of the interior.




An Authentic Kuwaiti Brand


Gastronomically, the food could not be of better standard. The presentation is very traditional and the taste of most dishes exquisite. For novices of Kuwaiti cuisine, its an experience that will surprise you by its quality and variety. The owners have vowed to offer and maintain an international standard experience based on a very local tradition.


And it works. Splendidly. In the evening, eclectic groups mingle around succulent dishes in a wonderful atmosphere. Old Kuwaiti couples come for a tete-a-tete and sit next to long tables of ladies who gather for special occasions. There is the odd international guest and the first floor rooms are generally booked for special occasions such as VIP visits.


The menu is rich and food impeccably presented. Mouth watering lamb stews, presented in traditional dishes, are for example cooked for hours result in the most tender of meats, the literally falls off the bone onto a cushion of aromatic saffron rice decorated with cardamon and raisins. Crushed mind and lemon drinks complement a waste array of sweets, including a very traditional and amazingly delicate date and toffee cake served warm with home made vanilla ice-cream.



The Kuwaiti themed food restaurant is true to its core concept and boasts a local chef, something very rare in Kuwait. The restaurant owners also plan to invite young local chefs to the kitchen to develop and promote their own dishes and recipes. this is aimed at ensuring the menu evokes and continue to surprise even those who have become regulars.


The restaurant is everything that the big retail names are not. It oozes quality and originality. The service is exquisite and food splendid. But it is the decor and attention to every single aesthetic detail that captivated my imagination. There are not many restaurants that manage such a sophisticated concept with a such a simple name. Why are we so surprised? One look at the exterior and the huge wooden turquoise door should warn us that this is a corner of old Kuwait brought into modern times through all that tickles our senses: architecture, interior design, food and history.


In addition to the delicious food, you are also able to buy beautiful gifts at their gift shop, DH Sandoog and view some beautiful artwork that is on display by local artists.



For more information please visit their website please click [Here]

Tel no: 22275555








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