Searching for A Great Steak

In London

By Mark Tripp
In London you can pretty much count on excellent pub food in any of the hundreds of pubs throughout the city.    But we were on a mission for a great steak house.  Our hotel concierge suggested we try Greigs Restaurant in the heart of the Mayfair district.  Having high expectations given their recommendation, we found that our first impression let us down.  From the so-so ambiance, bad acoustics, and the nonchalant wait staff, we were not off to a good start.   And, unfortunately, it only went downhill from there.
Although the “beverage” list was quite impressive, the staff was not knowledgeable at all about its contents.  When dinner was served, the steaks were good, but just not spectacular.  The sauces were light, the steaks were not well seasoned, and well it was just mediocre.  
Sensing perhaps that we were less than content, the waiter did offer a complimentary desert.  I have to say the waiter was very accommodating and friendly, he just didn’t start off well.  Anyway, he brought us our complimentary cheesecake.  Unfortunately,  the chef didn’t get this right either.  It tasted more like a block of cream cheese with sauce on top, not really a cheesecake.   Altogether, I would say the evening was around a 5 (out of possible 10).
Never ones to give up, we decided to have a second try the next night, and this time chose the steak house at our hotel, the Grosvenor.   JWs Steakhouse had a warm ambiance and large boards with daily specials.  The wait staff was immediately attentive and highly knowledge regarding their extensive beverage list.  Right from the start, it reminded us of a Mortons or Ruths Chris Steak house from the States.
We started with a traditional iceberg lettuce wedge and blue cheese salad.  Then chose the tenderloin and the porterhouse steaks with peppercorn sauce and a side of creamed spinach.  All were superb, and the steak was cooked to perfection. To finish dinner, we tried the apple pie and ice cream.  Excellent.  This steak house met our high expectations, and perhaps, after the other experience, we were even more delighted to find this.  Right under our noses, downstairs, in our own hotel!







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