La Brasa

Argentinean Grill

By Mike Pope
There is a small authentic and intimate gem of a restaurant just waiting to be discovered on the Basement floor of Dar Al Awadi Tower, called La Brasa.
La Brasa is a “parrilla” (grill) whose cooking methods follow a time honored and appreciated Argentinean tradition.
If you are a meat lover and like your meat juicy, tender and tasty, then this will be the one restaurant you will return to over and over again.
We were fortunate to be invited to the soft opening by hosts and owner Gustavo and Silvia Ferrari together with close friends to enjoy an evening of genuine Argentinian hospitality, décor and traditional cuisine in a warm and inviting setting.
Gustavo had decided to treat us to the full menu on offer from the delicious starters (Milanesa, Empanadas and Chorizo parrillero), a variety of meat dishes (Biche de Chorizo, Tira de Asado, Pollo a La Brasa and Bife de Lomo) all the way through to delectable deserts (Panqueque de Dulce de Leche; Vigilante de Membrillo) until we literally could not eat any more, as much as we would have liked to.  This is what in their menu is called Parrillada: an "all you can eat"  assorted selection of all appetizers and beef cuts, plus chicken, salads, French fries,chimichurri sauces and dessert.
Americo, the Argentinean Chef, personally sees after every single menu item to be cooked and served.
All of their sauces and desserts are made in-house, keeping with the traditions of the best Argentinian “parrilla” restaurants.
La Brasa started as a passion of Gustavo and Silvia who have been extending their “Buena onda” (“good vibes”) to friends, dignitaries and diplomats with traditional Argentinean grill cooking at their desert camp in Kuwait. La Brasa only serves imported Argentinean all natural, grass-fed beef, which we believe to be the proper healthy alternative to the corn-fed meat.
No meal is completed without La Brasa’s Chimichurri Sauce from the family’s secret recipes and is one which is used throughout the menu, and accompanies all meats.
Gustavo and Silvia invite you to spend a meal with them or even order Take Away so you can experience the “Buena onda” (“good vibes”) and delicious unforgettable La Brasa food with family and friends.
LA BRASA will be open to the public on November 15.
Location: Dar Alawadi Tower, Ahmad Al Jaber Street, Sharq, Basement 1, (Opposite to Gravity Tower; besides Al Awadi Mosque)

Tel: +965 2223 2230        
E-Mail: or

Instagram:  @Labrasaq8








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