Sky Lounge

Radisson Blu

By Gillian Pope
Recently, my husband and I were invited to enjoy an evening of sushi and cocktails at the After 8, Sky Lounge, at the Radisson Blu Hotel on the Gulf Road, Salwa.    We were looking forward to spending an evening at this new “in place” in Kuwait that just opened a few months ago.
The decor is  ultra modern and has an Asian-fusion feel.  It has an amazing view of the Gulf  that is really unparalleled. Set atop of the Radisson Blu Hotel, it gives a panorama that really sets it apart and I believe, is rather unique in Kuwait.  We felt it could have been Dubai, South Beach, or Cannes, it was really that spectacular!
On a warm May evening all the guests were either on the non smoking top terrace or the lower smoking bottom terrace both overlooking the Arabian Gulf. The tranquility of the evening was enhanced by the subdued blue signature lighting, comfortable sofas and umbrellas.
Jimmy the Sushi Chef treated us to a sublime array of sushi dishes that included the signature Sky Lounge special as well as a platter that was off the menu that literally melted in your mouth it was so fresh. These were enjoyed with a few Mojito mocktails and the night literally flew by.  Before we knew it, the music slowly faded away and the lights were turned out as the midnight hour approached.   It was time to leave, but we could have easily continued for another hour chatting in the comfortable sofas.
The Sky Lounge is a real treat for the business traveler and the discerning guest and we felt like we didn’t want to share this experience, so this venue could be kept secret a little longer.







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