Baking kits full of fun!

By Claire Hayden

Do you love cookies and doughnuts, and are looking for activities to do with the children (actually these are even fun for adults to do), than why not order a DIY box of goodies to craft and enjoy?


Here we have listed several local businesses here in K-town, who will deliver everything that is needed for hours of fun and enjoyment.


Crumbs Bakery

Mix n’ Match Cookie Dough

Adults and kids will enjoy making their own cookies with Crumbs cookie dough and choice of chocolate chips, marshmallows, Oreos, M&Ms and sprinkles to choose from. Each package will contain dough for 15 cookies. 12.000KD. Click [here] to order


Choowy Goowy

Kids baking bokes

Baking fun for everyone! Cookie making activity set includes: 150 grams cookie dough, 4 toppings (sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, M&M) and 1 cookie cutters. Note: Cookie dough portion makes up to a dozen of cookies. Price dependent on selection. Click [here] to order.


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The Chocolate Bar


Decorate Your Own Cake

6-inch chocolate devils cake covered vanilla frosting and come with 4 colours of frosting, sprinkles and m&ms for fun decorations. 12.000KD. Click [here] to order


Jumo Coffee Roasters

Donuts Box

10 plain donuts with toppings for 6-12 persons 6.500 KD

Cookies Box

10 vanilla cookies with toppings for 6-12 persons 6.500 KD

Click [here] to order


Loaz Café

Do It Yourself Cookies Package

12 giant cookies with colors & toppings for 12 kids 12.000KD

Do It Yourself Cupcakes Package

12 cupcakes with colors & toppings for 12 kids 15.000 KD

Kids Party Package

40 cookies, 12 cupcakes, 12 popcorn, 12 lollipops 19.500 KD

To order click [here]








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