Mineral Makeup

By Beauty & Skincare Expert: Ruby Chehade

Mineral Makeup


Last week I spoke about the awareness we have seen in the health and beauty industry regarding ingredients used. I have worked with numerous brands of skincare and makeup so this week I wanted to talk about Mineral and Organic Makeup. There are so many on the market at the moment and you need to be careful as there are very well known brands calling themselves “Mineral Makeup” but if you look closely at the ingredients you will find there is a portion of mineral makeup but they are still using fillers and other ingredients that are not classified as “minerals” so you will need to ask what are the other ingredients. Some mineral makeup brands that you may not have heard from are: Vani-T; Inika; Jane Iredale; Curtis Collection and my favourite of them all is Youngblood.


I like Youngblood for several reasons it has a full range of all the things you would need to use and caters for every skin type in mind, I also like it’s packaging it looks smart and classy but most importantly the ingredients are good for your skin and without any fillers, parabens and other nasties. It has hydrating properties and for someone oily like myself it has rice powder to absorb excess oil. Another thing that I really like about it when most companies go down the path of natural or organic or minerals they tend to be boring, not Young Blood they have great makeup pallets and keep up with current trends.


Pauline Youngblood Soli developed her first products in a medical setting for patients that were recovering from harsh medical procedures such as laser, medical grade peels, surgery and even some cancer treatments. She found that there was nothing safe to apply to their skin hence the need for a mineral makeup range. When she came up with her own formula they just loved it and continues to use her products even once their skin had healed and they urged her to make it available commercially. It also has a unique milling process and ingredients are carefully selected into each and every product.


I have used quite a few different mineral makeup brands and whilst they are all great in their own way I found the coverage and the application of Youngblood lightweight, it has a silky feel and it gave me an even complexion and at the end of the day it was still on and looking just as good from the morning. It is also great for people that suffer from acne and rosacea.


The range has light reflecting properties, it is long lasting, it has natural mineral pigments and it has no animal products and is not tested on animals it also contains no artificial ingredients and the whole range is derived from minerals as many companies will have their foundation only as their mineral line or combined with minerals yet their other products are not 100% minerals. It is available all over the world and you can purchase it online. Next time you need to top up on your makeup have a look at the Youngblood range.


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