By Beauty & Skincare Expert: Ruby Chehade




There are numerous false myths about what causes acne. Approximately 85% of us at some stage in our life will have some form of acne.


Whilst teenage acne is the most talked about and rightly so as 80% of people from the ages of 11 to 30 will experience some form of acne. Both men and woman over the age of 25 will go through adult or hormone acne.


The sooner acne is treated correctly the better it will be as when it is left untreated  or treated incorrectly it can lead to many problems both mentally and physically as the appearance as most people will end up with acne scarring which can be treated


The main causes of acne during teenage years are over active sebaceous glands once we reach puberty. These glands are producing more oil than necessary and whilst we all need a little bit of oil an excessive amount will lead to bacteria, pimples, cystic acne, black heads and enlarged pores.


Many people think that because they have oily skin and are experiencing break out they tend to think they don't need to moisturise which is false as what your skin will do is just keep producing more oil as it is getting no moisture. The right “oil free” moisturiser  can keep the skin hydrated and sooth amongst other treatments to keep the sebaceous glands under control.


When treating any skin condition you need to be realistic especially when it comes to acne as it will not disappear over night. Our dermal therapists will not compromise the integrity of the skin regardless of what the case may be.


Types of Acne that we talk about:


Hormonal                      Papules

Inflammatory                  Pastules

Non Inflammatory          Nodules

Cystic                             Teenage

Blackheads                     Adult



The treatments that I highly recommend for Acne are: Peels with Salicylic Acid of a medical grade and rebalancing treatments with a qualified skin therapist and of course CIT/Skin Needling, also the right IPL treatments can help. It's very important to be on the correct skincare for your skin type and to be using a hydrating booster as the biggest mistake is not hydrating your skin enough when experiencing any form of oily skin. 


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