Dehydration & Dryness

By Beauty & Skincare Expert: Ruby Chehade

Dehydration and Dryness


This week I wanted to go over Dry skin and Dehydrated skin as the two get confused a lot and I just wanted to explain the difference between the two. It is possible to suffer from both. The reality is that regardless to what skin type we have be it oily be it normal, be it combination or dry everyone needs hydration. I personally like to give everyone a hydrating serum or booster regardless of their skin type as our skin just loves it!


Hydration and dryness are two different things that a lot of people confuse. Skin that is dehydrated needs to be hydrated and dry skin is lacking in oil therefore needs  to be moisturised correctly. It is important to identify the difference between the two conditions. The reality is that everyone needs hydration. It is also possible that one can be suffering from both dehydrated and dry skin both should be treated equally.


Whilst drinking 8 glasses of water a day is necessary for our health we still need to do more to keep our skin hydrated and to use skincare that has hydration and the main ingredient which most people talk about is Hyaluronic Acid yet what most people don't understand is that you need the right form of hyaluronic acid. The right skincare and treatments that provide hydration on a cellular level not just topical will be more benefical to the skin's hydration levels. Hyaluronic acid can be referred to as Sodium hyalutonate now there are low levels and high levels of this ingredient and what that means is that low level will sit on the surface of our skin to plump that area and appear hydrated but once you wash your face you will feel tight again a high level of this ingredient will penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin to work with your own natural hyaluronic acid and keep it hydrated for longer so having both would be best.


Dry skin isn't a serious condition when left untreated is cam become very uncomfortable and itchy depending on what is causing the dryness.


A loss of  natural skin and oil found in our skin is bound to happen hence why as we get older we can develop dry skin when once we didn't have it as a skin condition.


Some people are naturally born with dry skin and in most cases it can easily be treated. There are simple things that can be done to prevent dry skin.


Another thing to consider is that people can get dry skin when seasons change therefore they need to adjust their treatments and skincare





There are other things that can cause dryness such as:


Contact Dermatitis; seborrheic dermatitis; atopic dermatitis also known as eczema, psoriasis and type 2 diabetes (with these conditions you will need to seek medical help)


When there is a medical condition to the dryness it needs to be treated possibly with medication and monitored, whereas regular or excessive dryness can be looked after by adjusting certain things in your daily routine and using the right skincare to treat the dryness and there are also treatments that can assist.


We also need to understand that our skin has a pH of 4 to 5.5 making it more acidic and the use of some harsh soaps and cleansers as they are more alkaline which will make the skin drier and more irritable.


If dry skin is left untreated it will get worse and the skin will break and will become vulnerable to infection.


There are many things that you can do to prevent your skin from becoming dry such as:


Don't wash your face or body with hot water

Don't have very long showers or baths

Avoid sun baking

Use a gentle cleanser stop using soaps

Don't over cleanse

Moisturise morning and night

Wear gloves when using harsh chemicals

Try to avoid using Air Conditioning and heaters for a long period of time including electric blankets



Hope you are all keeping yourselves hydrated this autumn even though I am sure it is still hot for you.



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