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By LivinQ8
As a very modern, open floor plan office building that is extremely functional and comfortable, the incorporation of art throughout is very exciting to see and very uplifting. To have beautiful artwork at every turn, some incorporated into the functionality of the building, others as decoration, is very ingenious and speaks to a great dedication to make this project a symbol of Arab culture and art.  There are many historical art items that are incorporated into the décor. We saw textile art that was made as tents that were several hundred years old. There were furniture pieces that were Egyptian and Moroccan, with gorgeous woodcarvings. There were fountains and planters made of Moroccan Mosaic tile works, and hydroponic plants throughout. The building itself being very open, airy and sunny.  
One of my favorite uses of artwork through the décor was in the many lobbies, and offices where there are paintings and sculptures from modern Arab artists from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Kuwait, that are set in the work spaces throughout the building’s functional rooms. The art collection both reflects modern Arab art, but also has the traditional heritage represented in textile and woodworking art and craft items. One of the most astounding pieces is the huge woodcarved window coverings that cover each floor in the open atrium entranceway. This is the traditional covering that allowed women to look out, but not be seen from the outside, in a traditional home. The intricacy of this woodworking was impressive, as each small part actually would move, and could allow for extreme temperature changes as it expanded and contracted. There were also modern art pieces made especially for the conference rooms, such as ornate wooden cabinets, that turned into modern television cabinets, and beautiful carved conference tables.
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