From Kuwait with love…


Fleeing Kuwait for the summer wouldn’t be complete without those presents for relatives and loved ones. But what can one bring back from Arabia with love that is truly anchored in the cultural fabric of Kuwait?


Arabesque Designs has just launched a new summer range for those looking to gift a keep-sake from Kuwait.  


The small home-based jewellery venture offers silver and gold Arabic personalized calligraphy inspired jewellery for ladies, men and teenagers.


The summer range includes original shapes such as the Arabian Camel, the Dallah (coffee pot) and the Hand of Fatima, also known as Hamza. 


They complement a range of over thirty designs inspired by Arab calligraphy. These include pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, keyrings bracelet charms and handbag accessories.


“Personalised script jewellery is a perfect gift for people looking to bring back a piece of Arabian heritage and culture, says Maryann Horne, Arabesque’s founder. 


Arabic calligraphy is the most beautiful script in the world and people love to wear their name, children’s names or family initials in a gorgeous design, carved out of silver or gold”.


The designs available have evolved as the jewellery has grown in popularity amongst the expat community in Kuwait.


Maryann started to take an interest in calligraphy as she travelled the world first as a BBC journalist and then as a humanitarian worker for the United Nations.


“From Spain to Indonesia, including many African nations, the art of calligraphy is revered across the world, says Maryann.  It is one of the most vibrant forms of art that has been evolved over the centuries to encompass various fonts and styles”.


The mother of two has sought to recreate the beauty and inspiration she felt when seeing calligraphy across the world.


She recalls with delight seeing Arabic script carved out of marble in Zanzibar, etched on wood on grandiose Mosque doors in Tunis and painted on the ruins of derelict and bombed out palaces in Afghanistan.


The jewellery reflects not only the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, insists Maryann. It also reflects the individuality of the wearer, and is a unique and thoughtful gift …. with love from Arabia.


To find out more about Arabesque Designs, check out or Facebook: Arabesqueq8









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