Celebrate Eid al Adha at ASCC


To celebrate the joyous occasion of Eid Al Adha, the Centre will focus on educational activities and workshops dedicated for the entire family. The activities include, puzzles, interactive games and a virtual reality experience. There will also be chess games in collaboration with the Kuwait Mind Sports Association in which visitors will learn how to play chess, its history and its basic tactics. There will also be a fun and educational storytelling in fine Arts centre Library.


Discover the Science Inside the Kitchen

The engaging activity is a chance to learn about food’s chemical and physical qualities through different experiments. The experiments will show the chemical reactions that occur during the process of cooking as well as learning about the science of food and the benefits of experimenting with it.

Transportation and Robots Museum: Experiment Space

6 PM

11 – 13 Years


Greeting Robot

The Greeting Robot is a home automation robot for sunrises and sunsets. Participants will learn about how automatic lighting systems work. The robot works in tandem to the surrounding lights around it. When it’s dark (sunset), the LED lamp will turn on, and when its light (sunrise), the LED lamp turns off, and then a siren is turned on and the robot raises its hand to greet the user.

Transportation and Robots Museum: Maker Space

7 PM

11 – 13 Years


Our Skeleton

Participants will learn about the different parts of our skeleton in a very easy way. They will be connecting the parts of our skeleton made of paper with woollen threads.

Human Body Museum: Learning Zone

5 PM

For all ages


Light Activity Workshop

Participants will learn to link an electric connection to illuminate the LED light, in a new and an unusual way by creating a new high-power circuit.

Human Body Museum: Learning Zone

August 12 -August 14, 2019

6pm to 7pm

Age 7+


Wooden Structure Workshop

Participants will learn the methods of applying and analyzing the wooden structure in a safe and an eco-friendly environment. Participants will also learn to develop the idea through using it at the workshop.

Human Body Museum: Learning Zone

August 15 -August 17, 2019

6pm to 7pm

Age 7+



Educational story

Library Fine Art Centre

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

All Ages








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