Eternal Voices

By Al Shaheed Park

Eternal Voices


Each year on August 2nd, Al Shaheed Park collaborates with talented local architects and artists to bring you a uniquely designed installation to commemorate the memory of our beloved martyrs.


The aim of this year's interactive installation is to commemorate the sacrifices the martyrs made during the Gulf war by inviting the public to share voice messages and stories about them. The messages are recorded prior to and during the installation display period, which are then abstracted into a choreography of light patterns and intensities illuminating and reflecting the martyrs’ souls. In addition to the light, the sounds will be played to allow visitors to hear and live through the experience.


The plight of our martyrs began a cry that was heard across the world and, eventually, led to the liberation of our nation. This was shared by so many and caused a ripple effect that lasts to this day. Stories of tragedy and heroism, hand in hand, are forever etched into our history and our hearts. Join us in keeping the memory of our beloved heroes alive by sharing your stories. Your feelings. Your emotions. And your love


´╗┐Starting August 2nd, (until September 2nd), from 6pm - 10pm at Al Shaheed Park, Multipurpose Hall 1. If you would like to get involved and share your story, love & thoughts, please send a whatsapp message to 9764.6349








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