Touristic Enterprises Company Welcomes the New Year with a Special Media Gathering

By Touristic Enterprises Company


Touristic Enterprises Company Welcomes the New Year with a Special Media Gathering


Kuwait- 27 January 2019:The Touristic Enterprises Company recently held a special gathering for local media partners to welcome the New Year and express gratitude for their continuous support. The luncheon with representatives from national newspapers, magazines and TV stations took place at one of Kuwait Towers’ newest culinary destinations, Amimoto, serving up the exotic taste of Japanese cuisine.


Senior management from the Touristic Enterprises Company entertained the media representatives with a grand tour of the iconic towers, wherein they were also able to appreciate the breathtaking skyline of Kuwait’s landmarks and city landscapes from the viewing sphere. Soaring more than 120 meters above sea level, the sphere features a revolving platform, which completes a 360° rotation every 30 minutes, and is equipped with telescopes.


This was followed by an authentic Japanese culinary experience at Amimoto restaurant located 82 meters high, which offered a true reflection of Japanese culture and hospitality. With all elements hailing from its origin, ranging from the ambience, cutlery set and ingredients, the Amimoto concept serves innovative Japanese cuisine delivered by the skilled hands of a Japanese Master Chef, Onuki Fumikazu.





About Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC)

The Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) is a government-owned entity that is responsible for the operations, development, and management of touristic, entertainment and recreational assets and facilities across Kuwait. Established in 1976, TEC  has a legacy as a pioneer in providing family-friendly tourism and recreational offerings to all segments of the society. It works with governmental bodies, private sector entities and international partners to continuously promote the tourism and entertainment industries in Kuwait.


About Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers have stood as the undisputed national symbol and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Kuwait. Known to residents fondly as “Al Abraj”, its Main Sphere offers a number of quality dining experiences, whilst its Viewing Sphere provides incomparable panoramic views of Kuwait City and the Arabian Gulf. The Middle Tower functions as a water reservoir, holding up to one million gallons of water. Meanwhile, the smallest of the towers – known as the Minor Tower – illuminates the other two, supplying electricity.The Towers’ main features include Horizon restaurant, Amimoto restaurant, Damam Ballroom, and The Viewing Sphere.









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