Useful Lockdown Links

By LivinQ8

Useful Links for Lockdown


Essential links to use during the full lock down.


You are allowed to leave the house to purchase food every 6 days and visit the doctors. Stay in safe distance of others and wearing a mask is crucial in the event that you leave the home. Outside activity is permitted between 4:30pm – 6:30pm within your residential area, cars, bicycles etc not allowed to be used. Remember to check our website frequently to keep yourself busy.


During full lock down for grocery shopping book an appointment.


To go to a hospital or clinic for an appointment request a pass here


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Free classes you can join from home

How to stay during lockdown


E-Services being offered by Ministry of Interior to complete your transaction while staying in your place.


Pay insurance for domestic workers - Article 20 holders.


Renew residence of domestic workers - Article 20.


Renew Civil ID cards


Renew residence of private sector workers  - Article 18 holders.

The above service requires a user ID. Register at below link to obtain one.


Medical insurance renewal

Residence renewal link


Renewal of Civil ID


Pay Traffic fines


Pay fines for residence and visas


Driving license renewal


E-Form for curfew pass for medical emergencies


Retrieve Curfew pass


Volunteer registration for Civil  Defense.


Source: General department of information systems, Ministry of Interior.