Sky Diving in Kuwait

By Millie

Kuwait Skydive is the first skydiving centre to open up in Kuwait. They’re offering tandem jumps with an instructor, as well skydiving lessons.


The cost of a tandem jump with Kuwait Skydive is KD160. That’s KD5 cheaper than skydive Dubai the nearest Sky Diving Centre to Kuwait.


Kuwait Skydive also offers an AFF course for KD1,000. The course includes 8 jumps and takes around 7-10 days to complete. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll receive your own jump log book and you’ll be able to start jumping out of the plane by yourself.


Their jump location is in Khiran and they’re open daily except for Sundays. Currently, they’re only accepting bookings via. phone as the website is currently under construction. So if you’re interested please call on 65566226.


For more information you can also visit them on instagram @kuwaitskydive or