Bait Al Arab: An Arabian Dream

Posted 31st August 2017

By Millie & Bait Al Arab


The Arabian Horse is part of the Arab world’s history and tradition, and in Kuwait in particular it is considered the Arabs’ duty and responsibility to preserve the breed and to further its importance world wide. During the last 30-40 years, the Kuwait Arabian Horse Center has taken a key interest in breeding purebred Arabian horses and in particular concentrating on so called Straight Egyptian bloodlines as a nucleus to preserve their heritage in Kuwait.

As the ruling Al Sabah family of Kuwait, descending from the famed horse-breeding Anazeh tribe, has always remained true to their heritage, culture and history, it was no surprise when the late Emir, H.H. Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, established a state-owned stud farm in l980 to preserve and perpetuate the Arabian horse of true origin in Kuwait. A breeding program was established, based on exquisite representatives of the most famous strains and families.


In Nov. 2012 by order of H.H. Sh. Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah, the state stud of Kuwait was transferred to the Al Diwan Al Amiri to give his full support to a great development of Bait Al Arab Kuwait State Stud.

During 2007-2012, when the Arabian Horse Center was run under private management, new facilities were built and existing facilities were modernized to provide a home for the library, for exhibitions, for seminars, to accommodate the horses of Bait Al Arab, and to offer an appropriate atmosphere to welcome national and international guests. Many goals have been achieved, but there were still more plans to be realized in order to make Bait Al Arab Kuwait State Stud a special place for Arabian horse lovers and breeders from Kuwait, from the Gulf region, and from all over the world.

To make these goals become reality, H.H. The Amir of Kuwait gave the order to place Bait Al Arab under the umbrella of the Al Diwan Al Amiri to give his full support to the state-owned stud and to Arabian horse breeding in Kuwait. The Master Plans for the Arabian Horse Center - Bait Al Arab Kuwait State Stud with Administration Building, Mosque, Stables, Green House, the Equine Hospital a new Outdoor Show Arena, an artificial lake and Accommodation for the staff were updated and the construction work was completed in 2015. His vision is to make Bait Al Arab a sanctuary, a place of serenity, where the splendor of the Arabian horse can thrive in peace and pass on this perfection for future generations. 

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3rd Egyptian Event: 17th - 18th November

6th National Championship: 30th November - 2nd December