The Vision and Mission

The mission of LivinQ8 is to build an online community for Kuwait expats to share knowledge and experiences about life in Q8.  What began as a simple weekly e-Newsletter and online Calendar has grown over the past year to be a comprehensive e-community of information about activities, organizations, directories and reviews on shopping, restaurants, hotels, classified personal ads and many activities to keep busy in our spare time.

I hope, with the launch of the redesigned website, to continue to grow our e-community and gain further contributors and expand our information network.   I would like to share more about health care, lifestyle, schools and shopping, to add to our already extensive offering of restaurant and travel reviews

The broad vision is to help the Kuwait expat community settle in and adjust to life here…whether it is as a first time expat or a lifelong internationalist.  Kuwait is a unique place to live, and it seems can be a love it or hate it experience for some.  Since I have been here for 14  years, and for the most part have loved it, I thought it would be good to share my experiences and that of some of our friends.   I hope you enjoy LivinQ8 and will consider being involved by contributing your knowledge and experience as well.

Millie Roberts

The website is an expat e-newsletter and website targeting expat news and information specificailly targeted to expat’s lifestyles and interests.