Summer Travel in the USA

By LivinQ8
We went out on a lobster boat cruise, catching lobster in the traps.  The guide was very helpful in explaining the size of which lobsters may be kept…they have to be a minimum and maximum size.  Otherwise, they must be thrown back.  And, speaking of lobster, if you like to eat it, well Maine is the best place on earth to have lobster.  For me, it was a nightly dish, and whole lobster can be found and most any restaurant, for excellent prices.  And if whole lobster dinner isn’t enough, for lunch there is the traditional lobster roll sandwich….lobster salad on a hotdog sized bun.  Delicious!!
The coastline of Maine is so jagged that it is said to have more miles of coast than the entire USA coastline put together.  I haven’t verified that, but I must say there seems to be truth to it.  It is remarkably jagged, and often disorienting, as you think water is to the east, but then there are bodies of water to the north, west of you, as you drive along the craggy coastline.  There are bays, lakes, inlets, harbours, and of course, the open Atlantic ocean itself.
And, when you have had enough of all that coastline, ocean and lobster,
Then it’s time to move inland to the waterways of fresh water rivers and lakes.  We went white water rafting on Kennebec River, inland about 2 hours from Portland.  What a remarkable adventure.  There were wooded forests with waterfalls, and an abundance of wildlife.  Then on the river, the scenery was breathtaking, and the river rafting fun and not too strenuous, as the water level was high, so it was more floating than paddling. 
We stayed in a log cabin, with firepit outside the cabin, in a serene and wooded setting.  And, to top it off, we went on an exciting Moose safari.  Of course, it would have been the most idyllic adventure to top all if we had actually come eye to eye with one of those gigantic beasts…all 5 tons of it.  However, there were none to be found.  Oh well, another reason to go back to Maine next year!







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