Prawn balls with bamboo shoots

By Resident Chef: Harvey Pincis

The other week I was in Saveco looking for Piccalilli sauce as one does. Having been successful with my supply, my eyes fell on a tin of shredded bamboo shoots, so could not leave the tin on the shelf. I had some vague remembrance of a shrimp recipe and rather fell in love with the idea of having the seafood taste, combined with a contrasting texture. 

The shrimp was taken out of the freezer as they were part of a batch, bought and cleaned in Souk Sharq Fishmarket and reserved for later, about 300g worth, otherwise of course they have to be deveined. Finely cut 2/3 of the shrimp, adding 1 tsp of oyster sauce, 1 tsp of sesame oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, some salt some grated ginger, garlic and a little quantity of bamboo shoots, to either grind to a paste in a pestle and mortar or food processor. 

The balance shrimp and bamboo shoots, roughly chop and combine with the paste with sesame seeds. i.e. the paste binds the slightly larger elements to give a texture. Form into balls and chill for 30 minutes. More can be made and batch frozen. 

Once ready, coat the balls in egg, flour and breadcrumbs and deep or shallow fry, till golden. Drain on kitchen paper and serve.


Serve with either sweet chilli sauce or soy.


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