Piquant Shrimp Pasta

By Resident Chef: Harvey Pincis

As I have related before, I am less inclined towards red meat these days and upping my fish/seafood consumption. Not that it takes any persuasion at all to encourage my very much better half to visit the fish market. With a proud Alexandrian heritage behind her, not only it is an enjoyable almost patriotic duty and also a celebration of one of the many good things in Kuwait that we enjoy. The usual modus operandi is to buy in several kilos, have the helpers devein them and have the shells and heads packed separately for making bisque later. Once hope with our ‘catch’ she divides the haul up into roughly 300 gm. food bags for freezing and later dishes. Of course, shrimp and spaghetti is a standard classic Italian combination. This recipe adds a little ‘bite’ in that the chilli and paprika give an added spicy flavour bomb, without overwhelming the shrimp itself. Of course, I do know some Kuwaitis who love quite a bit of heat, so any following this recipe are; of course, free to add as much as they like.


This is a very simple and quick meal to knock up, so for anyone looking for an almost ‘instant’ dish, this is ideal. It is preferable to marinate the shrimp in lemon, minced garlic, paprika, salt and pepper. This can of course be done overnight, covered in the fridge, but that depends on pre-planning. If pressed for time, this step can be done at the time of preparation.


First, prepare the piquant mayo-chilli sauce. Mix a quantity of mayonnaise, add some sweet chilli sauce, chilli flakes, onion powder (or minced onion), garlic powder (or minced), lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix well and set aside. 


Boil the spaghetti in salted water for the prescribed time, (egg noodles – Pancit could also work) and while that is happening, fry the shrimp in oil. Let the shrimp change colour, but do not overcook, then after draining the steaming pasta, combine with the shrimp and serve with the piquant mayo topping (as illustrated) garnished with parsley. Alternatively, toss the shrimp and pasta in the mayonnaise and combine with a spatula.


 Garnish, serve and enjoy!


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