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By LivinQ8
PAWS Wish List
With more than 250 rescued animals currently in our shelter, procuring food and supplies is an expensive and endless task!  Would you help us?  We need people to collect items from our wish list, so if you can get together with a group of friends, your family, your colleagues, classmates, girl or boy scouts--ANY group of people, and collect some supplies for us, we would be really grateful. Please also post, distribute, or forward the wish list.  Many thanks!
It costs a lot to keep the PAWS shelter running. While the rewards are great (with over 1,500 pets re-homed as of 2014), our day to day expenditure is never ending! We survive through fundraising events and contributions of supplies.  If you can give anything from our wish list it will help us continue to rescue lost, abandoned and abused animals.  We are always in need of the following items.  For pick up please call 99677929 or 96078636 or email paws-kw@outlook.com 
Thanks for helping us help the helpless!
Old or new towels and blankets, carpets
Dog & cat beds
Collars (all sizes) & leashes
Crates (all sizes, plastic or wire)
Dog & cat food (tinned & dry), Dog & cat treats and biscuits
Cat toys (ping pong balls, etc) and chew toys (Kongs, rope toys, etc)
Cat litter, cat litter boxes & shovels, scratching posts
Water & feeding bowls
Dog & cat combs & brushes
Dog & cat shampoo
Cleaning supplies for shelter (Clorox, Dettol, Detergent, etc)
Masks, disposable and rubber gloves
TIES Center for Cross Cultural Daiogue (TIES for short) is to serve as a drop off point for PAWS. Their address is: Shuhada, Block 4, Street 413, Villa 67 (near 360 Mall).  Ties Center Contributions should be clearly labelled for PAWS as TIES is also collecting clothing and household items for their own charity shop, and donations of these items are welcome.
Otherwise, contributors should please send an email to animalaidq8@gmail.com and we will try to arrange for collection.  Since the need for dog and cat food and supplies for the shelter is never-ending, this campaign will also be ongoing. We thank everyone for their compassion and kindness in helping the helpless.
Please Help PAWS
Lost, abused and abandoned animals keep pouring into our facility, and as the only no-kill shelter in Kuwait, our number of rescued dogs and cats has grown alarmingly.  We even have four rescued baboons, bringing our number of animals up to just over 250.  They all need to be housed, fed and given appropriate medical treatment, and this costs a lot of money.  As an all-volunteer organization funded entirely by donations and our own fundraising activities, we now call upon you, the members of the community, for assistance.
There are many ways you can help: by fostering or adopting an animal, by volunteering, by holding a rummage or bake sale or other fundraising activity, or by contributing food or other necessary items from our wish list. If you’re a teacher, please talk to us about animal welfare education in the classroom. We are also currently expanding and improving our facility and would be very grateful for contributions of building materials and helping hands to carry out construction work.  We are the oldest animal welfare organisation in Kuwait and have been serving the community since 2003.  But we can’t manage without you, so please consider aiding us in our efforts to help Kuwait’s vulnerable and voiceless creatures in any way you can.

For more information, please go to www.official-paws-kuwait.com   
To volunteer please send your contact information to paws-kw@outlook.com








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