The Life of Birds

Outdoors in Q8

By Ahmad Bader Jamals
I have had birds since I was a child of 8 years old.  My first was a White-cheeked Bulbul, and then I began keeping and breeding canaries, and have had birds ever since.  I studied my birds intensively, so that I could better understand their behavior. When I started photography, naturally, I took photos of my birds, then I started going out searching for birds.  While driving in Jal al Zor, searching for some birds, I found a White-crowned Wheatear on the ground and then he flew away.  At that moment, I felt the bird calling me…so I followed him and I found a place where I put some worms on a rock; after 20-minutes he came on the rock tweeting and flapping his wings.
I took a photo of him and I left. The second day I took my friend and went their repeating the same as the day before. After 5-minutes the bird came down on the rock looking at me and tweeting, then he ate his food and went back to his place. On the third day, once he saw my car from far away, he flew above my car up to his place. Once I open the door, he was sitting on the rock and I gave him food. 
A week went by this way, then one day I went there to check on the bird and I didn't find him; I started calling him by whistle and still I didn't see him. I was shocked when I saw a bike track going to his place; then I put his picture on my phone and I put my phone on the meeting rock. I took a photo of the phone with his sad picture and when I finished shooting I found a Mourning Wheatear above the phone.
Something in my heart told me that my friend was dead and that the Mourning Wheatear came to tell me this.
In Kuwait people disregard the well-being of our wildlife. They are photographing the birds then they will throw rocks to scare them, so no one else will photograph the same bird.
If I talk, I will not stop talking regarding the life of birds in Kuwait.







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